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pictureConsidering that the purchase of an automobile is often the second largest single item purchase - next only to a home - that you make, and everyone knows that most automobiles depreciate, wouldn't it be nice to experience less depreciate while enjoying the pride of always having a beautiful looking automobile?

That’s why new car dealers and new vehicle owners for more than a quarter of a century have called upon Dynamic Shine to apply vehicle protection packages including: Paint Sealant, Rust proofing, Undercoating, Leather protecting, and Fabric Guarding.

Protecting your new vehicle’s under carriage and inside metal panels from rust corrosion as well as glazing and sealing the new paint so it is protected from oxidization and premature paint fading are some of the features of the high quality products that are applied to a vehicle at Dynamic Shine. However, with every feature comes a number of benefits: the pride of ownership and satisfaction of having a vehicle that shines like new for years to come, the ease of washing and maintaining, the peace of mind of having an underwritten and transferable warranty for all of the products that you’ve had applied to your vehicle. Also, when it comes to trading in or selling your vehicle - experience has shown that you get your investment back for these preventive maintenance and protection products. This is because the vehicles that have been treated always stand up better on comparison than those that haven't. That's probably why in over 30 years Dynamic Shine has been called upon to apply the "full protection package" to several generations of vehicles owned by the same families.

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“I recently, found Dynamic Shine down in Oakridge Mall. It was a little hard to find at first, but MAN do they do a good job. What’s best is I’m not stuck waiting around like at other places. I go up into the mall for some lunch and come back down when I’m done. Fantastic Idea! They have a lifelong customer in me.”

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“Got the diamond package done because I wanted the 3 step hand wax and I was actually speechless. You guys did a fantastic job today!! I’ll be back for sure! Thanks again team.”

Jennifer L.

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