Rust Proofing

pictureRust occurs when water and oxygen combine with molecules in metal, destroying molecular bonds. While galvanization offers some protection to metal, it is ineffective at weld sites, where the process of welding has destroyed the galvanization. This is why many new manufactured vehicles have a limited rust perforation warranty in the fine print - because its limited to the galvanized sheet metal and doesn't consider weld sites and the like.

We use a steelguard rust inhibitor which employs electrostatically charged molecules which bond to metal while repelling oxygen and water, preventing rust formation. The application process of this polymer mist product does not require drilling holes in your vehicle; but rather we simply insert the rust proofing wand into the manufacturer provided receptacles (drain plug holes).

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"I wanted to write you a short note to tell you how pleased I was with the fine work you and your staff did recently for me and my 1988 Jeep YJ. Needless to say the vehicle was in less than perfect condition when I brought it to you and on picking it up it was like picking up a brand new vehicle."

Dale M.

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