Paint Sealing

picture Oxidation occurs when ultraviolet light, combined with oxygen in the air, chemically alters molecules in paint. Once altered, these molecules become deformed and have the ability to alter those around them, causing a chain reaction. In order to prevent a new vehicle's paint from oxidizing or fading prematurely we use an oxidation protection fortified with Optek which neutralizes oxidation to enhance clarity and color of the paint or clear coat.

In addition to the feature of protecting your paint, when we apply the paint sealant process to a vehicle the obvious benefit is the incredible shine and luster.

A fully transferable warranty is available on all of our vehicle protection products and services applied to current model year vehicles.

Our services include:



"I wanted to write you a short note to tell you how pleased I was with the fine work you and your staff did recently for me and my 1988 Jeep YJ. Needless to say the vehicle was in less than perfect condition when I brought it to you and on picking it up it was like picking up a brand new vehicle."

Dale M.

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